What is CarDash Cloud Storage?

What is CarDash Cloud Storage?

Are you stuck driving to the same dealership because they are the only ones with all of your car records? Do you have a pile of old service records that you plan to organize but know you never will? If you do then you are like us, and we wanted to fix that. CarDash Cloud Storage is a service that keeps your your vehicle’s service records in one central place and makes it available through your CarDash app. 

How does keeping service record in CarDash Cloud Storage help?

You can reduce repair and maintenance bills by not duplicating work that you’ve already done. A complete service record can also help with the resale value of your car.

Which service records will appear in my CarDash Cloud Storage?

Any service conducted at a CarDash Certified Center will automatically be reflected in your account. 

When will CarDash Cloud Storage be available?

We are working on releasing this feature and we're excited to release it as soon as we can!

Can I add old service records?

Not yet, but we intend to add that feature in the near future.