How do I use roadside assistance?

Q: How do I use Roadside Assistance?

You can call the Roadside Assistance number from within the CarDash app (by going to Roadside Assistance under ‘Home’). When calling, you will need to verify your membership by providing your name, CarDash Member Number, and vehicle. Please note that roadside assistance is available starting 7 days after you add your vehicle and verify your email address in the CarDash app.

Q: What's included in my roadside assistance?

We cover a 5-mile tow, along with jumpstart, battery, emergency fuel delivery (fuel at your cost), tire change, and winching. We cover 1 service per year for free.

Q: How long will roadside assistance take to arrive?

Non-tow services will arrive within an average of 30 minutes through our national tow provider. Tow services can take up to an hour depending on your location.

Q: Where am I covered by this service?

All 50 US States.

Q: What hours are covered by roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is available 365 days a year and 24/7.

Q. Does the service cover my vehicle specifically or any vehicle I'm in?

The Basic and Silver plans cover you while you are a driver or passenger in any vehicle you list on your CarDash account. The Gold plan covers you in any vehicle that you are in.

Q: When does my coverage begin?

Your coverage begins 7 days after adding a vehicle on your account and verifying your email address.

Q: Can I get other family members on this account?

Family plans are coming soon but not yet available. However, each member of your family can still create their own account.