CarDash Online Booking FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to book?

Booking is free! CarDash does not charge anything for booking on the platform.

Q: How much will my service cost?

The cost of service will be quoted to you by the shop at the repair facility and you'll have an opportunity to review and approve the estimate begin any work begins. Additionally, you won't pay anything until after the service is complete

Q: Am I committing to pay by booking through CarDash?

No, you don't commit to pay anything until after you have reviewed an estimate in the store. We won't collect your credit card.

Q: Are these bookings guaranteed?

We find that approximately 98% of bookings are able to go through successfully. If for any reason the shop is too booked, we will let you know as soon as possible and help you to reschedule or find a new service facility. 

Q: Do you have a relationship with the mechanics?

If we offer a discount, then we partner with that shop and have a relationship with them. However, we also include other shops that are outside of our network so that we can give you as many selection options as possible.

Q: Why do you need my contact information?

Although we find that the vast majority of bookings are successful and smooth, there are occasionally instances where something goes wrong and we'll need to contact you. We may also send you appointment reminders, if you schedule well in advance. We will never sell your information to any third parties!

Q: What is the CarDash stress-free guarantee?

We're here to make sure that the appointment goes as planned and you don't end up with a huge headache. Worried that you got ripped off? We can help do research so that you have an advocate at the mechanic. Having issues finding your booking? We'll give them a call and sort everything out. Think you have a warranty claim and the shop isn't being helpful? We'll help you navigate the process. 

Q: How does CarDash make money?

As an early stage start-up, we're not making any money on this product right now but we do intend to launch premium subscription services in the future with even bigger discounts and other benefits.  We're determined to keep the basic product free and easy to use for our customers.